And then there were SIX!

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Yayyyy! Book No 6 in your favourite fantasy-adventure series for earthkins – Taranauts – is here! Want a sneak peek into what happens in The Key to the Shimr Citrines? Read on! (Psst! This is from the back cover of the book)

Shimr CitrinesSlipslide away with the Taranauts into the deep dark heart of Shimr – and into their most dangerous mission yet!

Mithya’s eight worlds – Shyn, Lustr, Sparkl, Glo, Dazl, Shimr, Syntilla and Glytr – were plunged into darkness when the wicked Shaap Azur captured all its 32 stars. There was no hope until Zarpa, Tufan and Zvala – three bright and brave Taranauts with special gifts – set out to bring back light and cheer to Mithya.

After five successful missions – each of which has tested their wits, courage, and team spirit – the Taranauts head for the blazing hot world of Shimr in search of the golden Citrines. Meanwhile, determined to stop them, a brand new army of Mithya’s Most Ruthless goes into full combat mode.

Can Tufan survive the oxdrogen-deprived darkness of the underground city of Oop R’Ville? Will all three Taranauts make it safely through the deadly Bhoolabyrinth? What is the secret of the Drip-Trip Cave? And how in Kay Laas will they tackle the most unexpected problem of them all – mithyakos who don’t want their stars rescued?

Will the Citrines return to Tara? Read and find out!

Ooooh! Does that sound exciting or what? Does that sound EXACTLY like the kind of book you’d want to curl up with when it is all wet and rainy outside? If you said yes, here’s how you can get your own copy – BEFORE ANYONE ELSE DOES! Just write in to – it’s that simple! What’s more, your copy will be autographed by the author, and will include a couple of little surprises inside as well!

So go on, order your copy, read the book, and send us feedback! We promise we will publish your reviews right here, on this very website!

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